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Laser Therapy
West Linn, OR

Alt DescriptionWhen you think of lasers, do you think of cheesy science fiction movies? The fact is, lasers aren’t science fiction; they’re science fact! In the past few decades, since lasers were first invented in 1960, we’ve come a long way in integrating this amazing technological resource into medical care. Lasers are not just for Hollywood villains or for cats to chase anymore! We here at ZenTech Dentistry use lasers for a variety of important reasons, but one way they stand out is when used in laser therapy for our patients.

What is Laser Therapy and How Can It Help Me?

Lasers work by sending small pulses of infrared energy through crystals to generate energy. While that sounds pretty incredible and you may wonder what that has to do with your dental care, lasers are a great tool to use in helping take care of your teeth.

Lasers serve many purposes in our office. For instance, lasers can be used to not only diagnose dental problems but also to treat them! We can even brighten and whiten your smile with the aid of lasers! We can use lasers to scan your mouth to detect any tooth decay or gum disease. Lasers can be used to diagnose cancer and biopsy suspicious cells that we find in your mouth. We can turn around and use those same lasers to remove any benign tumors that we may find. We can also use lasers to perform gum graft surgery on you or use them to remove tissue that can be obstructing your airway in sleep apnea. Gum disease is no match for our lasers, either. We can treat inflammation and infection with our lasers, and even remove infected tissue from inside your tooth during a root canal.

You may be wondering, though: why lasers? The advantages of using lasers over conventional treatment are numerous. When we use lasers, the risk of infection is greatly reduced. We can also use less, or even zero, anesthesia during an in-office procedure. Because lasers can cauterize (seal off bleeding blood vessels) at a surgical site, the chance of unnecessary bleeding is also minimized. After a procedure, we may not even have to use sutures, which can promote faster, better healing. Downtime for our patients is significantly reduced.
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