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Placing Dental Crowns
West Linn, OR

Image of a dental crown being placed, at ZenTech Dentistry in West Linn, OR. Getting dental crowns doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. The procedure is quite simple and straightforward. In fact, unlike other dentistry procedures, it may only take a few visits before you have your ideal smile. However, preparing for the many steps involved can put your mind at ease. The types of dental crowns and the procedure you choose (traditional versus same day crowns) can make a difference.

At ZenTech Dentistry, you can rely on Dr. Frank Sioda and Dr. Sioda to take you through the procedure before starting. This ensures you have all the information before you choose to go ahead.

How Are Dental Crowns Placed?

The dental crown placement process involves multiple stages. These include:

Preparing the Teeth

The first step of the process includes preparing the teeth. Our experienced dentist will check your oral cavity and administer any numbing agent required to reduce discomfort post-procedure. Upon your request, general anesthesia can also be administered. This is followed by a mouth guard, which prevents you from closing your mouth during the procedure. This is for your own safety, as any sudden movements can cause harm to the oral cavity.

Fixing Any Issues

Before preparing the tooth for the crown, any preliminary issues will be fixed first. This includes removing any damage to the tooth. Damage usually occurs when the tooth has been subjected to years of decay. Moreover, the inner cavity of the tooth is also cleaned. This step is important as trapping the bacteria within the crown will lead to further infection. Another step that provides more security to the tooth is the filling. This is done before the crown is placed. The tooth is also shaped, and the outer layer is removed, which is necessary before any impressions are taken.

Getting the Impressions

After all of the preliminary procedures are done, impressions are made of the tooth and surrounding areas. These ensure that the dental crown imitates the look and feel of the client’s natural teeth. Impressions are usually sent to a dental lab for manufacturing. You will be provided a temporary crown in the meantime.

Dental Crown Placement

The final step of the process is crown placement. Cement is added to the roof of the crown, which secures it into place and fuses it with your natural tooth. In the case of same day crowns, dental crowns will be created in a single day. These crowns are made from ceramic and are just as durable. They are also much more convenient as they get you your perfect smile in less time. Plus, the benefits of ceramic crowns are endless!

Come in for an Examination Today

Dental crowns are an easy fix if you are looking for a solution to chipped or damaged teeth. At ZenTech Dentistry, our experienced doctor can provide you with an examination and same day crowns which get you a perfect smile in no time. Dental crowns don’t just restore your smile but also add a layer of protection that prevents further damage. This ensures your teeth are not subjected to further decay. Call (503) 765-9699 and book your first appointment today!
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