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Laser Therapy (for Pain Management)
West Linn, OR

Just imagine for a moment, if you can, the concept of using a highly concentrated beam of light energy to zap away your pain. If it sounds like something out of science fiction, think again! In the past, we had to rely upon strong analgesics, pills, and creams to manage pain, but with today’s technology introducing lasers, we now have a new method to help reduce and manage pain in our patients. Lasers are no longer just for movie supervillains – we here at ZenTech Dentistry are excited to provide this method of pain management to our patients to not only reduce their pain but to also promote healing and recovery.

What is Laser Therapy and How Does it Work?

Lasers provide an amazing alternative to other methods that were traditionally used in pain management. While other treatment options are still viable, lasers provide a great option in relieving pain and swelling and inflammation in dentistry. Two types of lasers have stood out in recent years as treatment options for pain, and these include cold lasers and low-level lasers.

Stronger lasers, such as hot or surgical lasers, are no stranger to the dental field. Lasers are used in a wide variety of applications, such as diagnosing and treating dental conditions such as tooth whitening, tooth decay, periodontal surgery, and even cancer treatment. However, cold lasers and low-level lasers provide a different level of treatment.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been demonstrated to have exceptional analgesic properties, for instance. They can penetrate as deep as 5 centimeters into the tissue. By pointing these lasers at areas of sensitivity, they can act in a myriad of ways. They can stimulate endorphins, for example, reducing pain. They can also calm down angry nerve fibers that may trigger a pain response. They have also been shown to help improve circulation and aid in healing by encouraging lymphatic drainage, all beneficial aspects of these low-level lasers.

Cold laser therapy is also a fantastic option for our dental patients. Over two thousand studies on their efficacy help demonstrate how beneficial they are, with double-blind placebo-controlled results indicating how beneficial they are in pain management. After surgical procedures, cold laser therapy can provide highly beneficial analgesic properties to reduce pain and swelling and healing time. They can also help reduce the discomfort of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD) in conjunction with other therapies like nighttime mouth guard treatment.

The laser can be directed at the site of the jaw pain to reduce the associated discomfort. Even severe nerve pain, deep inside the tooth root, can be zapped away with a cold laser and provide verifiable and lasting results.

Lasers have been greatly misunderstood for many years, but are proving to be an unmatched resource in dentistry. For patients who may have contraindications that limit their access to other pain management options, laser therapy can give them much needed relief without lasting complications. They may also have fewer side effects than other pain medications and can help individuals who may have allergies or health conditions that make other pain management options inaccessible.

Lasers Could Provide You Relief So Find Out More About Them Today

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Laser Therapy (for Pain Management) | Dentist West Linn, OR | ZenTech Dentistry
Lasers are no longer just for movie supervillains ' we here at ZenTech Dentistry are excited to provide this method of pain management to our patients. Learn more here.
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