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Digital Impressions
West Linn, OR

A woman smiling after dental impressions at ZenTech Dentistry in West Linn, ORHaving dental impressions done is a seemingly inevitable part of almost every dental procedure. No matter what needs to be done, whether it’s a partial, a crown, or even just a veneer, before you know it, we’re loading your mouth up with that sticky, goopy paste (officially known as alginate) to get a bite impression. Once the alginate is in your mouth, you then have to sit there patiently for up to five minutes for it to set. If only there were an easier, better way to get impressions of your teeth! We here at ZenTech Dentistry agree with you, which is why we’re thrilled to offer our patients a break from sticky conventional impressions and provide digital impressions as an alternative means to getting those much-needed impressions.

Why We Prefer Digital Impressions

Conventional dental impressions are admittedly unpleasant, and filling your mouth with alginate is never the high point of our day either. Alginate is unpleasant tasting, feeling, and can make you feel like gagging, which is why we’re moving away from these types of impressions and are embracing digital impressions instead.

Digital impressions are vastly superior to conventional impressions in many ways. Not only is it more pleasant for you, but it’s also more efficient and effective for us. When our patients are happy, then we’re happy! Digital impressions are much faster than conventional impressions, giving us the information that we need in just a fraction of the time. They’re also much more accurate (with fewer chances of defects or air bubbles messing up the impression), causing less error and inconsistency in getting the results. As a bonus, we get to keep your digital impressions on file in your digital chart, so we can recall them whenever we need them. That means that the chances of us needing to take more impressions in the future is minimized!

Digital impressions are great because they also reduce wait time. Having your impressions created digitally means we’re able to get started on making your device faster, and we often need fewer appointments with you to ensure a proper fit. We’re also able to make a “positive” 3D model of your teeth, versus the “negative” space of impressions. That improves our accuracy when creating your bridge, crown, denture, or veneer.

To take a digital impression, we’ll first start by cleaning your mouth and drying it. This gives us a clearer image of inside your mouth. We’ll then sprinkle titanium dioxide over your teeth so we can accurately capture and create the image. Next, we will place an intraoral camera into your mouth, and in just a couple of minutes, your impressions are complete. We can then move forward with creating your oral device and get you out of the chair and on with your day.

The benefits of digital impressions are well-established, and we completely advise them for all of our patients. Not only are they more effective and accurate, but they’re also more comfortable for our patients, improving compliance with our recommended procedures. If you are interested in learning more about digital dental impressions, or you’re ready to schedule your next dental appointment, give us a call here at ZenTech Dentistry at (503) 765-9699 today!

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Having dental impressions done is a seemingly inevitable part of almost every dental procedure. ZenTech Dentistry offers digital impressions for patients.
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