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Comprehensive Oral Evaluation
West Linn, OR

Your oral health is important, not just for preventing oral health issues, but also for protecting the health of your whole body as well. Routine dental exams are a critical component of helping you to maintain your oral health by detecting the presence of issues in their earliest stages and providing you with prompt treatment. Routine dental exams are fairly simple and quick. If you are a new patient, or it has been some time since your last appointment, ZenTech Dentistry will provide you with a comprehensive oral evaluation.

A Review of Your Medical History

To help you maintain your oral health, it is also important that we have a good understanding of your medical history. We will go over any medical conditions that you have, such as heart disease and diabetes, and discuss health conditions that run in your family. Certain types of medical conditions can affect your oral health, just as oral health issues can impact your whole-body health and exacerbate certain medical conditions. Along with medical history, we also discuss any medications you are taking, lifestyle habits, and your diet.

Assessing Your Dental Health

A major component of your comprehensive oral evaluation is a dental health assessment. We look over your teeth, checking for signs of physical damage, such as chips and cracks, decay, and alignment issues. Any dental restorations, including metal-free fillings, veneers, ceramic crowns and bridges, dentures, and implants are assessed. We look over your gums for signs of redness and swelling, check for recession, and measure pocket depths around your teeth.

Another integral component of assessing your dental health is performing an oral cancer screening. This screening is very quick and completely painless. We look over the soft tissues in your mouth to check for any abnormalities. Detecting oral cancer in its earliest stages is essential for providing effective treatment and restoring your health. These screenings are performed at every dental exam.

X-Ray Imaging]

X-rays are crucial for showing us the hidden components of your mouth. We can see the areas between your teeth as well as those below your gum line. With x-rays, we can spot hidden cavities, root damage, abscesses, cysts, bone damage, bone loss, impacted teeth, and so much more. X-ray images help to provide us with a complete picture of your oral health so that we can provide you with the most effective treatment plans possible and help you maintain optimal oral health.

One-on-One Interview

Once we have finished looking over your mouth, we then move on to a one-on-one interview. During this time, we go over any issues that we have found in your mouth and discuss your possible treatment options. We go over proper oral hygiene practices to help you optimize your home care. We also take the time to answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have. All of your information is recorded and stored in your file.

A comprehensive oral evaluation allows us to determine the condition of your mouth so that we can formulate an effective, customized treatment plan that helps you maintain optimal oral health. If it has been a while since your last dental examination, call ZenTech Dentistry at (503) 765-9699 to schedule your comprehensive oral evaluation today.
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Comprehensive Oral Evaluation - ZenTech Dentistry - Dentist
A comprehensive oral evaluation allows us to determine the condition of your mouth so that we can help you maintain optimal oral health. call ZenTech Dentistry today!
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