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Smile Design
West Linn, OR

Veneers are a common dentistry amenity that many people take advantage of in order to get a healthier and better looking smile. These veneers often give customers the chance to transform the aesthetics of their smile and teeth and are an important aspect of smile design.

Veneers help to shape, whiten, and straighten teeth, while improving the overall appearance of your smile. Additionally, veneers are specially designed to easily bond to your natural teeth, which strengthens them and improves their appearance. Since they are thin and easy to maintain, veneers are considered to be the most common cosmetic dental treatment offered. They are also easy to apply and maintain. In addition, little of the natural tooth surface is lost in the process of applying the veneers, so there is minimal damage done to your actual teeth and tooth integrity is maintained. This also makes veneers one of the least invasive of all cosmetic procedures.

Things to Consider With Smile Design

When considering the option of cosmetic dentistry and a smile design makeover, it can be difficult to determine the best look for your new smile. Some cosmetic dentists claim that there are more than 30,000 special and unique ways to create a new smile and you could have as many as 60 different smile styles available that you could choose from. This can be very overwhelming and confusing, so it is important that you work with a cosmetic dentist who has experience with smile design veneers and who will take the time to answer your questions.

To get you started on the process of designing your new smile, here are some basic points to keep in mind concerning these smile styles.
•  Each smile style combines different teeth shapes that are specially designed for your front six teeth, top and bottom.
•  The incisors can be square, rounded, or a combination of any of the shapes available.
•  The cuspids, or eye teeth, are often fashioned in a way that makes them either pointed, rounded, or flat.
•  Combining the various shapes will generate a uniquely different smile style, so mixing the combinations for the teeth can create a whole new look and smile.
•  The color, length, shape, and texture of the veneers are another aspect that will have to be discussed with the dentist once you have decided on the shape and smile design you want to go with.

Some cosmetic surgeons will offer a service that is frequently called “the trial smile” where trial veneers are generated. This allows you to have a chance to try out the veneers and see how you like the look and feel before committing to getting the full smile design set.

Discover which smile designs are available to you and what they can do to help transform your smile, confidence, attitude, and relationships. You have nothing to lose by taking action and talking to us today, and you have everything in the world to gain! Call (503) 765-9699 to get started with your new smile design!
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Discover which smile designs are available to you and what they can do to help transform your smile, confidence, attitude, and relationships.
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