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How to prevent tooth decay in children

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
How to prevent tooth decay in childrenTooth decay is the most frequent dental challenge reported concerning children. It usually leads to the formation of holes in the teeth which are characterized by severe pain. These holes are referred to as cavities. The main cause of the decay is usually bacteria that lie on the plaque coating the child's teeth. It is also caused by excessive consumption of sugary foods. Babies are known to develop tooth decay at a faster rate than adults especially when they are constantly fed drinks containing large amounts of sugar.

Brushing teeth regularly

One of the most effective ways to prevent tooth decay is by brushing your teeth regularly. Brushing teeth assists in eliminating plaque and therefore prevents bacteria from accumulating on the tooth's surface. In addition, brushing teeth keeps the teeth clean and fresh. The fluoride component contained in toothpaste is believed to be highly effective in strengthening teeth and preventing the formation of plaque. It is important to brush your teeth in the proper manner while also being careful not to damage the gums. In most cases, children need assistance from adults when brushing their teeth.

Avoiding sugary foods

Sugary foods are a major cause of tooth decay. Consequently, maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding the consumption of foods and drinks containing too much sugar helps prevent tooth decay. You are allowed to consume sugary foods once in a while, provided you take initiative to brush your teeth immediately after. You may also consider feeding your infant unsweetened drinks to help prevent tooth decay.

Regular dental visits

Regular dental checkups are very important as they facilitate the early detection of tooth decay in children. However, in the event that the tooth has already started decaying, there are various steps that can be taken to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Our practice prevents tooth decay from worsening by drilling the cavities and then filling them up. You can contact us for similar services and professional guidance on how to prevent tooth decay in your children.
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