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Drinking water for Healthy Dentals

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Drinking water for Healthy DentalsDrinking water is one of the essential habits for healthy living. Water keeps you hydrated for your skin and other organs and is vital for your dental health. Staying hydrated keeps nutrients gets rid of waste, and maintains normal muscle movements. We recommend high water intake, especially tap water, throughout the day.

Benefits of drinking water

Prevents tooth decay

Drinking water helps clean out all the food particles that may have been left in the mouth, washing away all the unwanted sugar in the mouth. When food particles are left in the mouth for long, they may turn into bacteria, causing tooth cavities. Consequently, water prevents the formation of cavities that result from the acid's presence in the mouth.

Prevents gingivitis

To avoid gingivitis, we have to take care of our dental health by drinking enough water daily. Water enables your gums to be hydrated, thus preventing them from swelling and receding away from the teeth, as gums also can collect bacteria that cause gingivitis. Hydrated gums are always comfortable.

Water strengthens teeth

Drinking water containing fluoride is of great benefit to your teeth. Fluoride helps fight tooth cavities and prevents tooth decay. It also works very well with saliva to prevent plaque.

Water is sugar and calorie-free.

Most consumed beverages and drinks are very sugary and therefore not good for our dental health. Water is an exception as it contains no sugar or calories. Water is incredibly good for our oral health.

Keeps your mouth hydrated

Dry mouth is caused by the production of less saliva in your mouth brought about by insufficient water intake. Dry mouth leads to tooth decay, bad breath, and gum diseases. Therefore, by drinking water, you will avoid bad breath caused by the accumulation of bacteria in a dry mouth.

Ensure you drink enough water

To keep yourself hydrated, drink water after every meal. We sensitize on carrying a water bottle and monitoring your water intake rate. If you have any issues with drinking water or need further assistance, visit our facility. We help manage water intake levels and advise accordingly.
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