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Do you need to brush your tongue?

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Do you need to brush your tongue?Proper dental health needs you to be effective in your dental hygiene practices. Many people make mistakes while caring for their gums and teeth without knowing. One of these is failure to properly brush your tongue while brushing your teeth and gums. It is important to brush your teeth regularly as this will promote positive dental health. At our dental clinic, we are passionate about our patients, and we aim to educate them on proper dental hygiene practices and techniques.

You Can Remove Bacteria from Your Tongue

After brushing your teeth there can be some bacteria that remain on or beneath your tongue. These will come back to settle on your gums and can cause bacterial infections. It is therefore important to brush your tongue to remove these bacteria and leave your mouth as clean as possible for optimal oral health.

Refreshes Your Breath

When you brush your tongue, you can address bad breath that comes from the mouth. This is because the tongue can trap food particles and bacteria which mostly leads to a bad odor from your mouth. Therefore, when you remove the food particles that get trapped on your tongue, you can prevent bad breath from developing.

Visit Our Dental Practice for Effective Oral Care

Regular dental visits are crucial for retaining proper dental health. Our dentists will help you to prevent dental problems by educating you on the best practices. We also examine your dental tissues to ensure that there are no dental problems that affect you. If we see that you need treatment, you can be sure that we will provide personalized care. Call us to book an appointment and talk to one of our dental specialists.
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