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Do You Make a Good Tooth Fairy?

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Do You Make a Good Tooth Fairy?Kids will do anything you want them to as long as you attach fun to it. When it comes to removing their baby teeth, the idea can be overwhelming, but you can ease your child's distress thanks to the tooth fairy. With these fairies, you will create imaginations in your child's mind, making them excited about the process. A good tooth fairy will also help your child practice good oral hygiene. Among the ideas you can incorporate in your tooth fairies include tooth fairy pillows, tooth fairy receipts, and gifts.

Tooth Fairy Pillows

To start with, you can make a tooth fairy pillow for your child to store their tooth. The pillow should have a small pocket to allow for the big exchange. You can store the pillow below their regular-sized pillow or on the nightstand. If your child prefers sleeping with the lights on, you can hang the tooth fairy pillow on the doorknob to ensure the big exchange happening remains a surprise.

Tooth Fairy Receipts and Money

You can design a simple receipt and leave it with the money in the tooth fairy pillow during the exchange. This receipt can have your child's name, age, and the number of teeth on the pillow. To add sparkle to the money and excite your child, you can paint the coins or sprinkle the notes with glitter.

Tooth Friendly Gifts

To encourage your child to maintain oral hygiene, you can occasionally substitute the money gifts with a cool toothbrush, kid-friendly toothpaste, and a timer to encourage them to brush their teeth for two minutes. Including these items in the tooth fairy will motivate your child to use them and maintain good oral hygiene. Finally, while the tooth fairy looks like an imaginative tale, structuring it well will help your child develop an oral hygiene routine at an early age. For more details on tooth fairy, contact our office today.
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