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Causes of Canker Sores

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Causes of Canker SoresAphthous ulcers or aphthous stomatitis, commonly known as canker sores, are small, painful blisters, ulcers, or sores that can occur on the lips, tongue, insides of the cheeks, gums, and back of the throat. Canker sores are one of the most common types of oral conditions. Nearly 20% of the people are affected by it. Generally, women are more at risk of developing canker sores as compared to men.

Although there are different types of canker sores, the most common ones are usually between 3 to 10 millimeters long. These sores have red edges and a gray, protuded center. Unlike cold sores, canker sores are not contagious. However, these sores can become inflamed and cause great pain, especially when you eat and drink hot beverages like tea or coffee.

While canker sores are believed to be hereditary and said to run in the family, there are many other causes of canker sores.

Viral Infection

Canker sores are usually the result of a viral infection. The infection can cause inflammation of the mouth resulting in canker sores. In such situations, topical antivirals are used to treat the canker sores.

Braces or Dentures

Any sort of injury in the mouth can cause small canker sores to form. For example, when you are getting your braces or dentures, and the hard metal wires or the equipment leads to cuts and injuries, canker sores can form on the injured areas. Similarly, brushing too hard can also lead to the formation of canker sores.

Acidic Foods or Food Allergies

Some acidic foods like kiwi, pineapples, citrus fruits, chocolates, and even coffee can cause allergic reactions that inflame the mouth. As a result, you get canker sores on the tongue and insides of the cheeks.

Stress or Hormonal Changes

This is especially common in women. When women are experiencing hormonal imbalance, usually around the time of their monthly periods, or high levels of stress, canker sores can form as the result of the excess of stress hormones in the body.

Infections of the Intestine

Infections in the intestine and stomach, especially the gastrointestinal tract diseases like celiac disease or Crohn's disease, can cause canker sores in the mouth. Bacteria from the gut infect the mouth as well, which leads to the formation of canker sores.

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