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Do You Use Someone Else's Toothbrush Regularly?

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Do You Use Someone Else's Toothbrush Regularly?A large number of adults have admitted sharing toothbrushes before based on an Irish health study despite the fact that a toothbrush is considered to be a personal item. Sharing toothbrushes can come with great consequences, including severe medical conditions and some can even turn out to be long-term.

Why You Should Not Share Your Toothbrush

Even when proper dental hygiene is practiced it is highly advised not to share toothbrushes. Some of the consequences might be minor, but others may turn out to be very serious, a good example is contracting communicable blood-borne diseases such as HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis. Some of the reasons why experts think sharing toothbrush is a bad idea include the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Toothbrushes often tend to contain viruses and bacteria, especially if not rinsed properly after use and when your gums start to bleed, the virus and bacteria can get into your blood stream and as a result cause diseases such as Hepatitis or periodontal disease.

The other reasons why sharing is highly unrecommended is the fact that toothbrushes tend to harbor a number of bacteria and fungus. When used such toothbrushes can cause a number of dental diseases including cavities and loss of teeth. Sharing of toothbrushes can also lead to quicker deterioration of toothbrush bristles and this may result to scratching of the gums by the toothbrush leading to gum receding gums. It is due to such reasons that the sharing of toothbrushes is highly unrecommended. Part of maintaining a good oral hygiene is having a personal toothbrush that is not used by any other person. Proper rinsing of your toothbrush after use is essential since it helps in getting rid of food particles that are stuck on the toothbrush bristles, bacteria and fungi which can cause severe dental diseases.
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