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How to Care for Your Newly Whitened Teeth

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
How to Care for Your Newly Whitened TeethIt is very important to maintain your squeaky-clean teeth after your visit with us, after all, your favorite sports team won't win their championship by practicing twice per year! Just like them, you need to practice good oral hygiene every day; from brushing and flossing, to avoiding hazardous beverages, read on to learn about ways that you can keep your team of teeth on the winning side of history.

Brush and Floss Multiple Times Per Day

The importance of brushing your teeth at least two times per day, and flossing once, cannot be overstated. Brushing removes surface stains and plaque, but limit your use of whitening toothpaste to twice per week because it can slowly wear down your enamel. Flossing removes harmful plaque as well, and rinsing with mouthwash can help prevent plaque. If you eat or drink any of the products mentioned in the paragraph below, you can reduce their harmful effects by brushing and flossing 30 minutes after consuming them.

Be Weary of Your Diet

Some foods and drinks are known to stain or corrode teeth, so it's best to avoid them. Although not an exhaustive list, the following should be avoided or consumed in moderation: soda, coffee, tea, wine, sparkling water, fruit juice, sweet tea, bread (whole wheat is better), sour candies, dried fruits, and potato chips. If you are going to consume any of these products, you can use a straw to drink the beverages so that you limit their exposure to your teeth; make sure that you also brush and floss a half-hour after consuming them.

Say No to Tobacco

Smoking tobacco is a bad habit, not only for your lungs, but for your teeth and gums as well. Smoking can discolor your teeth, increase the amount of plaque and tartar on your teeth, and cause gum disease that could lead to your teeth falling out. If you're a smoker, sincerely consider quitting so that you can keep your teeth pearly white for longer.

Until Next Time

Remember, it is essential that you put in some work every day to keep your teeth in peak condition, but we are also here to tune your teeth and catch any problems before they get worse. We are looking forward to your next pit-stop with us, because we take pride in keeping your teeth pristine and beautiful along your road through life!
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