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Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Toothbrush

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Signs It Is Time to Replace Your ToothbrushWe know you have a lot on your mind and sometimes life moves pretty fast. When it's time to brush, use care, and brush properly but be certain to pay attention to your equipment. That old toothbrush is not going to help you much so remember to replace it on a regular schedule. Your toothbrush gets a workout every time you brush so replace it at intervals convenient to your use. Also, an old toothbrush can hide nasty bacteria you definitely don't want in your mouth. Remember to replace that old worn-out toothbrush about every three months to avoid poor oral health.

How To Tell When To Replace Your Old Toothbrush?

Just pay close attention to your toothbrush and check the bristles to see how they look. Toothbrush bristles should be straight and not out of line or bent in any way. You can usually tell when that old brush is done by the overall appearance. After all, this particular piece of equipment always gets used multiple times a day every day. Check the bottom of the bristles and be sure it is clean and not packed with debris. If you've been sick, just go ahead and replace your toothbrush to avoid re-infecting yourself after you get better. Better safe than sorry.

Never let your toothbrush touch anything especially another toothbrush. If you have kids, be aware that your community toothbrush rack could cause brushes to come into contact with each other and that should never happen. If it does, replace your brush right away. You do not want any sharing of bacteria between your loved ones.

Always Stay On Top of Toothbrush Replacement!

Remember these rules and keep your family's smiles bright and happy. Think of your toothbrush as a tool that wears out quickly and might be harboring germs and bacteria you do not want. Your family must be protected, and regular brush checks are essential. Don't let the soft bristles become hard or sharp. Old sharp bristles can cause more harm than good. So keep track of your toothbrush and keep those smiles happy and bright. Let us know if you need any dental advice, or just stop by today to say hello.

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