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Ways to Beautify Your Smile before Photos

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Ways to Beautify Your Smile before PhotosWhile you might use your Photoshop skills to whiten your teeth in a photo, it is better to actually have whiter teeth. After all, you also meet people face-to-face. Therefore, you want your pictures to represent the real you, not a reasonable facsimile. You can do this more easily when you take good care of your gums and teeth and visit our office for regular professional cleanings and checkups. The following information will give you more tips on beautifying and perfecting your smile before having your picture taken.

Enjoy a Whiter and Brighter Smile

Are your teeth currently dingy looking or yellow? If so, we can help you whiten and brighten your smile several shades whiter. Therefore, you can have a photo taken with your newly whitened smile and be proud to show it off. In fact, your smile will be the envy of everyone on Facebook and Instagram. While you can whiten your smile with trays that we provide for home use, it is much easier to have your teeth whitened in our office. Plus, you can get a much whiter smile in under an hour. You don't have to use an abrasive whitening toothpaste either. Your smile can be transformed in only a day.

Check with Us about Removing Surface Stains

If you do not want any surface stains showing up in your photos, check with us about getting a professional cleaning. A professional cleaning will get rid of any noticeable stains fast and effectively. After whitening or cleaning, make sure you reduce your consumption of dark-staining foods or liquids, such as coffee, cola, tea, or berries. Rinse your mouth or drink water after consuming these kinds of beverages and foods.

Are you ready to get your picture taken? If you want to whiten and brighten your smile for a photo-taking session, we can help. Contact our office today about enhancing the brightness and whiteness of your smile. If we cannot use a professional bleaching system, we may recommend alternatives, such as bonding or veneers. Give us a call now to arrange a consultation.
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