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Reasons Why Some People Do Not Need Their Wisdom Teeth Removed

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Reasons Why Some People Do Not Need Their Wisdom Teeth RemovedWisdom teeth often start coming in later in life than the other teeth. Most people usually start getting their wisdom teeth at around age 17 to 25. However, the problem with these teeth is that they might cause some complications because of their late entry. For this reason, most people take them out as soon as they have a green light from us or from an oral surgeon. The truth, however, is that not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth taken out.

They Have Fully Erupted

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed because something in their mouth changes when they erupt. Sometimes, the teeth will erupt through the surface, while others do not come in completely. When that happens, you'll find that the teeth will compete for space, meaning that some of the wisdom teeth get impacted. It can also lead to issues with crowding. If all your wisdom teeth have fully erupted, you might not need to have them removed.

They Are Properly Positioned

When wisdom teeth are correctly aligned, they can be an excellent asset for you because they tend to be very strong and capable. When wisdom teeth aren't correctly aligned, they tend to angle inward or outward, usually leading to a very uncomfortable bite. Furthermore, when these teeth aren't correctly aligned, they can damage the adjacent teeth by messing up the nerves or jawbone's alignment.

Healthy Wisdom Teeth Can Often Stay

Healthy wisdom teeth are an asset to their owner in most instances. Their power makes it possible to break some of the harder foods so that the less powerful teeth can take a break. When your wisdom teeth fully erupt and come up healthy, you don't need to remove them. The process of wisdom teeth eruption from under the gums sometimes leads to bacteria, causing an infection. The infection leads to pain and swelling, which inevitably means the removal of the teeth.

To find out if your wisdom teeth need to come out or not, give our office a call. We can take a look and let you know.
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