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Could Dental Neglect Lead to Heart Disease?

Posted on 6/25/2019 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Could Dental Neglect Lead to Heart Disease?It's important to take good care of your oral health. This means brushing and flossing twice daily, followed by the use of mouthwash. You should opt for a toothpaste containing fluoride and a mouthwash that doesn't contain any alcohol. Neglecting this simple routine (one that only takes about two minutes of your time twice daily or about 5 minutes overall) can result in heart disease.

Why Dental Neglect Results in Heart Disease

There has been lots of research conducted regarding this issue over the years. All of it tends to indicate that poor oral hygiene will result in heart disease in the majority of patients. This is because the bacteria that forms in your mouth has a negative impact on your overall health. These studies have also discovered that people who have severe gum disease in specific are at a higher risk for developing heart disease or having a stroke.

Other Reasons Not to Neglect Good Oral Hygiene

Developing heart disease isn't the only thing you'll have to worry about if you neglect your oral hygiene. There are other health issues that this can result in – ones that you will also want to avoid.

Dementia is a brain disease and when you neglect your teeth, you're also neglecting your brain. Inflamed, infected gums will kill your brain cells, resulting in memory loss.

Respiratory infections are caused by bacteria in your mouth being breathed into your lungs. This bacterium can also travel through your bloodstream, reaching the lungs. Regardless of how it gets there, once it does, you may develop bronchitis, pneumonia, or COPD.

Diabetes can be made more unmanageable. Gum disease makes blood sugar levels go crazy. This is why diabetics need to take time to maintain good oral health care. It's also important to note that if you don't already have diabetes and you neglect your oral health care, you may soon develop this disease.
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