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How to Restore a Safe pH to Your Mouth after Consuming Acidic Foods and Drinks

Posted on 4/15/2019 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
How to Restore a Safe pH to Your Mouth after Consuming Acidic Foods and DrinksYour mouth is a watery ecosystem that requires a balanced pH. Healthy saliva has a pH of 7.4, but when acidic beverages and foods are consumed, the pH will tip.

This creates an acidic environment that demineralizes the enamel, especially once the pH drops below 5.5. While avoiding certain foods and drinks may prevent some of these pH changes, there are other steps that you can take to restore a safe pH after a meal.

Don't Brush Right after You Eat

It may be tempting to brush your teeth right after you eat if you want to rebalance the pH of your mouth, but don't fall into this trap. When your oral environment is too acidic, the enamel weakens. If you brush your teeth during this time, you can literally brush away the enamel. This damage is irreversible and can severely compromise the health and strength of your tooth.

Rinse Your Mouth Out with Water

When it comes to rebalancing your oral pH, water is your best friend. Water has an ideal pH at close to 7, and it can neutralize acids in the mouth. Plus, rinsing your mouth out with water can rinse away bacteria, food particles, and other sources of a low pH.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum after Eating

Another way to restore your mouth to a healthy pH level is to chew sugar-free gum after eating. The best option is gum that contains Xylitol. This action will promote the production of saliva, which will restore the pH balance with time. A healthy amount of saliva will also prevent bacteria from adhering to the enamel.

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