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Impacted Canines and Orthodontic Interventions

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Image of a woman touching her cheek that could have oral cancer.Permanent canine teeth play an important role in chewing and support. However, these teeth sometimes emerge out of position or become impacted against other teeth. Specialized orthodontic methods can carefully guide impacted canines into proper alignment. Patients can achieve full eruption and enjoy lasting benefits with patience and care.

Understanding Canine Impaction

Canines are sharp, pointed teeth located on either side of the incisors. They have the longest root of any tooth, anchoring them firmly. During development, canines move gradually down toward the dental arch. However, obstacles like crowded teeth, tissue overgrowth, or an unusually long path can prevent a natural eruption. This leaves canines stuck or misaligned.

Signs and Effects of Impaction

Telltale signs of impaction include delayed eruption or an unusual bulge along the gumline. Impacted canines may crowd or damage adjacent teeth over time or form cysts if left untreated. Some patients experience no discomfort, while others report pain or sensitivity from pressure. Since canines play an essential role, restoring their position is ideal.

Orthodontic Methods to Guide Eruption

In many cases, orthodontists can arrange impacted canines into position with specialized techniques. Removing deciduous canines creates space. Braces open the path and guide surrounding teeth into better alignment. In extreme cases, exposing the canine surgically allows the attachment of an eruption chain to pull it down slowly. Patience is needed as the process stretches over months.

The Rewards of Corrected Alignment

Once an impacted canine fully erupts, patients can enjoy restored function and aesthetics. With their full smile properly aligned, patients see an attractive boost in confidence. The sturdy canine roots anchor teeth in place and distribute biting forces optimally. This greatly improves long-term dental health and stability. Achieving a successful eruption is well worth the time and care.

With precise orthodontic guidance, even significantly impacted canines can settle into the proper position over time. Patients gain excellent function while avoiding future complications. The rewarding outcome makes the process worthwhile.

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