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Signs You Need To Schedule A Dental Appointment

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Concerned patient discussing her tooth pain with her dentist while sitting in a dental chair at ZenTech Dentistry.Many people schedule their dental visits twice a year for preventive care. However, there are instances where scheduling additional appointments for treatment becomes necessary. You need to know some of these symptoms for your overall well-being. Here are signs for a prompt dental appointment:

Dental Pain

Whenever you experience dental pain, ensure you see a dentist. Dental pain could signify underlying disease or decay. Pain can manifest as jaw pain, gum discomfort, or a toothache. Moreover, heightened sensitivity to temperature fluctuations and sugary items can be indicative. Our dentist can help address and alleviate such concerns.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are a sign of certain conditions. They might indicate the presence of gingivitis, an initial stage of gum disease. However, these signs can also arise due to vigorous brushing or initiating a new flossing regimen. If you notice that your gums are bleeding and don't know the cause, ensure you see the dentist.

Persistent Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath could signify underlying problems like tooth decay, infection, or gum disease. The condition might also indicate bacterial imbalances or infections. If you experience persistent bad breath, you should seek consultation with our experienced dentist.

Shifting Teeth

Your permanent teeth should never loosen or shift within the oral cavity. If you see widening gaps or slight shifting of your permanent teeth, it's crucial to address this matter promptly. Such movement could indicate issues like bone loss or infection.

Teeth Sensitivity

If you have tooth sensitivity, you experience sharp pain when consuming hot or cold foods and drinks. This sensitivity can serve as an indicator of underlying dental problems like a cracked tooth. It can also present a compromised enamel. Failing to address these concerns can escalate to infections within the jaw or even eventual tooth loss.

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