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What are the Most Effective Orthodontic Treatment Approach?
West Linn, OR

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Woman smiling after affective orthodontic treatment, at ZenTech Dentistry in West Linn, OR. Practical orthodontic treatment approaches for children and adults may vary based on the patient's needs and the individual's interests and preferences. The most effective treatment options for children and adults include

Use of Traditional Metal Braces

It is among the most famous orthodontic treatment options, adequate for people of all ages. The braces are a combination of metal wires and brackets that the orthodontist attaches to the teeth of the patient and adjusts them with time to ensure that the teeth return to their original position.

Use of Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces serve a similar purpose as metal braces. However, ceramic braces have an explicit or colored tooth material that is difficult to identify even when attached to the teeth. The braces mostly take the original color of the teeth when connected to the teeth, making them unnoticeable. Ceramic braces are an effective treatment option for adults.


They are clear aligners that orthodontists use for both children and adults. They are custom-made according to the preferences and needs of a patient and are invisible when worn. Invisalign treatment is a prevalent treatment for adults.

Orthognathic Surgery

When an orthodontic issue advances to mild or severe stages that patients cannot handle with braces, orthognathic surgery is the most effective method to address such problems. This option effectively corrects orthodontic issues in adults by restoring the jaw bone to its desired position and fixing such problems as bite occlusion and jaw size.

Interceptive Treatment

Also called early interceptive treatment, this option effectively deals with orthodontic issues in children before they develop all permanent teeth. It Is an essential treatment as it helps in jaw growth and development in children and prevents any orthodontic problem present from becoming complex.

In conclusion, these treatment options are vital in handling orthodontic issues; thus, seeking orthodontist advice and guidance is necessary to know which option to take. Please consult us for the best decision for all orthodontic treatment options for your child or adult.

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