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What is the Most Common Dental Emergency?

Posted on 3/20/2023 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
:What is the Most Common Dental Emergency?Various dental emergencies occur around the world including toothache, broken orthodontics, crowns, and avulsed teeth among others. A dental emergency basically refers to dental problems that require immediate emergency attention. Whereas these dental emergencies occur commonly, the most common dental emergency is knocked-out teeth due to its prevalent causes.

Causes of Knocked-out Teeth

Also known as an avulsed tooth, knocked-out teeth involve the removal of a tooth from its socket by a literal knock. Immediate dental care is required when this happens to save the dislodged tooth.

It is not easy to dislodge a tooth unless much force is exerted on it. The causes are mainly physical-related activities. The most common causes of an avulsed tooth include traffic accidents, bicycle accidents, falls, fist fights, assaults, and contact sports injuries.

Some of the contact sports are rugby, football, hockey, lacrosse, and skating. To know if your tooth is completely removed, symptoms will include mouth pain and a gap in the teeth.

Response to Avulsed Tooth

Since this is an emergency, you have to immediately contact your dental healthcare provider for appropriate dental guidelines. Upon knocking out your tooth, there are various emergency actions to undertake as you wait for further instructions from your dentist.

Your dentist may advise you to carefully place the tooth back into its original place or socket and hold it there under moist conditions. If you cannot place it back, you may keep it in a clean towel until the dentist arrives or is reached.


While you wait for your dentist, you may use a moist gauze pad to prevent bleeding. The tooth may be saved if it is taken care of within thirty minutes. You must avoid the use of chemicals, soap, or drying the tooth. Also, the tooth root should not be interfered with as it may reduce the chances of saving the tooth.
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